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Halloween Dive Against Debris


We had another reason to gather this month and collect some debris – we get to do it wearing funky hood costumes (or at least we were supposed to!). This month’s event was another success thanks to the relatively bigger turnout of divers who were up to dive and gather whatever debris was to be found in our dearly beloved adopted dive site Kontiki Marina.

A total of 13 divers pledged there time to join us for a dive against debris yesterday, October 30, 2016. However, with the bad weather, two weren’t able to join. The afternoon started with people slowly coming in starting at 2PM. We were able to go down and do the dive against debris at 3:28PM. Visibility was bad and the current was a bit strong. Although we only logged a total dive time of 46 minutes, we still managed to pull out a total of 11 lbs. of debris off the waters of Kontiki Marina. This is a very huge development as compared to the dives against debris we’ve made over the past months. Highly notable is the decrease in the volume of glass debris found. For more information about yesterday’s survey, you may click here.

With the early sunset, we were supposed to do our night dive at 5:30PM but the wind picked up and we were forced to have our humble dinner of humba and chopsuey instead. Thankfully, the wind slowed and we were able to do a night dive at around 6:45PM. It was a good night dive. Some were able to see rock lobsters, octopus and what not. We’ll be posting pictures of the event on our facebook page so feel free to check them out or tag yourself.

As usual, our deepest appreciation goes out to the underwater warriors who have joined us in this cause.

Sept Dive Against Debris | Dive Funatics

September Adopt a Dive Site/Dive Against Debris


Over the weekend we did another survey of our beloved adopted dive site, Kontiki Marina. With a team of only four (4) participants as others were busy with classes and didn’t finish in time [you need to be a certified diver to do a dive against debris!], we still managed to bring to the surface 7kg of debris for a 47 min dive. Still quite a lot. 🙁 Kudos to this wonderful team for the amount of trash we managed to collect despite our sheer number this month.

More about the profile of the garbage we have recovered here.

Next month’s Dive Against Debris will be on October 30, 2016, a Sunday. This being Halloween, we will be holding a late afternoon dive (hood costume dive!) and the best in hood costume as judged by our team of instructors will get a bag of treats. After the late afternoon dive against debris, we will be having a humble dinner on site (humba, rice, chopsuey and soda) and chill a little before we go to our second night dive. Our special rate for the Halloween Dive Against Debris + Dinner + Night Dive is only Php 2,000.00. This booking is not available on the website so please send us a message here if you are interested.

Oh, I forgot, we’re also giving away a mystery gift (something to do with apparel) to all participants. 😀 The fee quoted above includes resort fees, two tanks of air, weights, use of equipment including torch for the night dive, a mystery gift and a chance to win a bag of treats. All you have to do is bring yourself, wear your underwater costume and help us clean our ocean!

Additional notes on the hood costume, please consider safety in coming up with your quirky add-ons. Be mindful of entanglement issues and be considerate to our underwater friends sensitive to flashy items.

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August Dive Against Debris


August has been such a busy month for us at Dive Funatics we forgot to post the results of our monthly Dive Against Debris and Adopt A Dive Site.

We are very thankful to the participants who managed to pull out 7 kg of underwater debris. Most of the debris collected are plastics, followed by metals and the rest is a mishmash of wood, cloth, paper, rubber and glass materials. The dive covered and area of about 170 square meters and most of the debris was collected in the shallows.  For more details about the survey conducted and the kind of debris collected, you may access the link here.

We are happy to report that there was no entangled animal encountered during this dive. There are no more paint cans as well.

We at Dive Funatics are still looking forward to the day when we do a dive against debris and end up with no data to report. Join us in the September Dive Against Debris which we will be holding on the 17th of September.  Save the date and book it here.

PADI Women Dive (Against Debris) Day 2016


In keeping with our commitment to fight for the local protection and monitoring of our favorite underwater playground, July is the third month of our participation in Adopt a Dive Site. We at Dive Funatics are happy to combine our efforts and commitment towards the Adopt A Dive Site initiative through Dive Against Debris in conjunction with the celebration of Women Dive Day in one special event. We’ve gathered 18 lady divers and 11 men divers to celebrate PADI Women Dive Day 2016. We may have gathered a small group but we are proud to be part of a much larger women in diving initiative aimed to strengthen and grow the female dive community along with 600+ Women Dive Day events organized by different PADI Centers in 70 countries.

We were graced with a range of women coming from all walks of life – from a lady diver who traveled from Leyte to get a break from her college studies, a mother-and-daughter tandem passing around a camera to take underwater photos of each other, sisters easily mistaken as twins both in and out of the water, Thai friends celebrating another friend’s birthday underwater, a Miss Scuba Philippines, a lady chef, dive professionals and lovely corporate millennials both women, and women at heart. We also had the lovely support group of men from the regional maritime unit of the Philippine National Police and other dive professionals as well. Of the total 29 divers at the start of the day, 23 joined the last dive which was a dive against debris.

An estimated 20kg of debris was cleared from the our adopted dive site of Kontiki Marina. Most of the debris collected were food packaging materials, cloth and fish lines. More information about the debris collected, as reported to Project Aware can be found here. We are happy to report that no paint cans were collected in this month’s dive against debris. However, we also bring bad news. Among the rolls of cloth we have collected, there was one juvenile brokenline wrasse all caught up and already dead. We have also noticed an increasing presence of wet wipes. Wet wipes, comprised mostly of plastic fibers, don’t easily disintegrate. Marine life munching on jellyfishes are most vulnerable as wet wipes and plastic appear like jellyfishes underwater. When eaten by animals, plastic fibers end up in their stomach and they get no nutrition and contributes to death by starvation.

For the participants of this event, feel free to tag yourselves in the photos posted in our Facebook Page. The album can be accessed here. Missed this years event? Don’t worry. Mark your calendar for next year’s PADI Women Dive Day event which will be on July 15, 2017.

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Dive Against Debris on Father’s Day 2016

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We found a more meaningful way to celebrate Father’s Day this year and decided to incorporate diving against debris. While the dads were busy gathering underwater debris, the kids were also doing a surface cleanup of their own. Although the team was only comprised of 9 divers, we’re very happy to report that these people managed to collect a total of 38 lbs of debris – comprised mostly of plastic and glass. We are happy we managed to collect as much although we all look forward to the day when we schedule a Dive Against Debris and end up with no debris to report.

The most unusual spoils of the sea collected include a ladies bag and a brassiere. The team is only left wondering how they got to the sea. The highlight though was this one big fat nudibranch who’s midsection was squeezed by a thin fishing line. For some reason, she got herself entangled. The line was cut and removed and the nudibranch was released unharmed.

The full profile of the debris we have collected has been reported to Project Aware. You may see the results of our efforts here. We can’t thank this team enough for supporting us in this Adopt a Site initiative and give back a little to the community by taking so much waste off our seas.

You too can become a foster parent of Kontiki Marina by joining us in next month’s activity. You can choose to get the Dive Against Debris Specialty or just join us in the activity. Next month, we will be incorporating the activity with the celebration of Women’s Dive Day. This is a world event celebrated exclusively for women who are avid fans of the ocean. This will happen on the 16th of July – save the date! Last year, women from Anilao, Batangas had the most participants world wide. Hopefully this year, we will put Cebu on the international diving community map by gathering as many women divers as possible.

Dive Against Debris May 2016

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Today marks the first of our monthly dive against debris in Kontiki, Mactan, Cebu.

A lot of our friends who were interested in diving with us today had last minute changes and out of town activities so we were afraid that we are left with just be doing the dives with a handful of people. Surprisingly, the rain came, after months of hot and dry days with heat index soaring at an alarming rate, it finally poured this morning. It almost felt like we are never going to be effective in today’s debris survey. Thankfully, friends started to arrive.

We had a total of 9 participants, all certified divers, most are seasoned ones and never strangers to debris gathering. After the planning and briefing, and assembling of our gear under the rain, we finally entered the water around 1030 in the morning. The visibility was badly affected by the pouring rain, and the jellyfish and their broken stinging tentacles were everywhere. Then again, nothing could have prevented us from doing the survey in the first place so with a few more seasoned divers and professionals joining us, a successful dive against debris survey was inevitable.

We managed to collect over 14kgs of debris, and most of the things that we have collected were made of plastic. Data collected during the survey were reported to Project Aware, and may be viewed from the Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris map.

Other than having collected debris and reported our survey, 2 of our participants earned the Dive Against Debris Diver Specialty, paving the way for Dyordz to earn his 5th PADI Specialty rating, a requirement for earning his coveted PADI Master Scuba Diver Rating, the highest rating a recreational diver can earn!

This coming June, we will be doing another survey and hopefully, some of our friends are able to join this fun and fulfilling activity.

Lastly, we wish to thank everyone who joined and made this effort successful. We cannot thank you enough for showing your support. You guys know who you are.

PADI Women’s Dive Day 2016: Calling All Women and Women-At-Heart Divers

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Back iPADI Gender Statsn the 60’s, scuba diving was a predominantly male activity. Since then, there has been an increasing proportion of women joining the sport.

In 2015, PADI created the Women’s Dive Day initiative – a special day to get women together, in the water and involved in diving and the goal is to get as many women as possible, at every level, diving on the same day in order to build awareness and interest for the sport.

This year, we are joining the initiative. So this article goes out to all women and women at heart who are in Cebu on the 16th of July 2016. Save the date! We will be doing two (2) easy shore dives in Kontiki. To put more meaning to the dive, we will also make this a dive against debris – we will be collecting underwater trash in our colorful girly mesh bags which you can take as souvenirs of the event. At the end of the day, we will collect all data regarding the trash we have collected and report it to the Dive Against Debris website to contribute to the collective view on the status of our adopted dive site, Kontiki Marina.

Kindly click here to book the date with us. You can choose to join us for just one dive if your schedule is packed but be sure to drop by and let’s celebrate all the women in diving. Help us document the event by using the following hashtags: #PADIWomen, #PADIWomensDiveDay, #DiveAgainstDebris and #DiveFunaticsJoinsWomensDiveDay.

You may also visit the official PADI page for the Women’s Dive Day.