It’s the most wonderful time of the year to go diving against debris. With the occasional rain showers and tropical depressions the past weeks, the ocean has brewed up another batch of garbage stew. Add the island hoppers making the most of what’s left in their 2016 leave credits and Christmas partying aboard and you’ve got the perfect storm of trash to clean up after.

It was quite sad that despite the poll we did as to the availability of people who can join on the 1oth or 18th, we managed to gather just 7 participants in this month’s event. Those who pledged availability on the 10th ended up busy on the day and those who pledged they can only come if it’s on the 18th ended up showing up on the 10th. It’s okay guys, we can always use another underwater warrior for next month. This month’s effort freed the ocean of another 15 lbs of debris – still mostly plastic followed by a good number of wood materials and then foil mostly from food wrappers. Full details of the debris collected can be accessed here. Dive Funatics would like to give a sincere thank you to this month’s divers against debris.

After the clean up dive we had a little salo-salo over bam-i, bread and soda (carb0 loading for the night dive! :D). This has been one of the most rewarding night dives for 2016. Visibility was extremely awesome and the underwater creatures who came out to play were very wonderful creatures – a number of cuttlefishes, a couple of baby mimic octopi, rock lobsters, orangutan crab, eels and sea kraits, sponge crabs, and a whole other bunch of coral crabs of all shapes and sizes. It’s unfortunate the camera ran out of battery after the first dive. Pictures are posted on our Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourselves.