Dive Funatics is now a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort


Dive Funatics’ recent 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort (5 Star IDDR) is a milestone for Dive Funatics as they can now offer PADI Instructor Courses in Cebu in English, Filipino, Cebuano, and Ilonggo languages. Just days after earning the much anticipated IDDR rating, Dive Funatics has successfully run its first Instructor Development Course with a resounding success, with all of its candidates passing the PADI Instructor Examination (IE). It was a victorious and glorious day for everyone at Dive Funatics!

As a business classification, PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resorts are dive resorts that meet all PADI Five Star Dive Resort standards, plus offer PADI instructor-level training. With a PADI Course Director on staff, these dive businesses offer PADI Instructor Development Courses and continuing education opportunities to dive professionals. Located in resort areas, these businesses often cater to travelers and can introduce people to scuba diving, then provide all the training up through the dive professional level. If your goal is to become a PADI Scuba Instructor, look no further!

As a center, we spend over 95% of our time training and running continuing education programs and professional programs here in Cebu. Dive Funatics has been recognized as a premier destination for people wanting to learn how to scuba dive, or divers who needed to take more courses, and especially those who wanted to train and become a dive professional. We are known to stick and adhere to the PADI Standards of Teaching courses, keep a roster of highly experienced and respected dive instructors and trainers.

This recent recognition and 5 Star IDDR designation validates even more strongly the kind of positive reviews that we are getting from our guests and students. If you are looking to learn how to scuba dive in Cebu, insist on getting it from Dive Funatics!

July 2017 Dive Against Debris


July 29 was another day dedicated to our monthly dive against debris. We were joined by a couple of new patrons and as such it was a good day to make new dive friends. Shout out to Christine, Jayvee, Meg, Myrtle, Hilbert and Earl for supporting our cause!

Due to the typhoon hovering above the eastern seaboard of the country, water movement has been greatly affected which has contributed to a very bad visibility and likely contributed to the volume of debris we were able to collect as well.  We managed to take out 16 lbs of debris comprised mainly of (surprise!) plastic. Sadly, we have collected a juvenile brokenline wrasse among the rolls of plastic fragments. You may access the full report submitted to Project Aware here. We will be stuffing the non-biodegradable spoils to plastic bottles as ecobricks again.

We would like to remind all patrons that each participation to our monthly dive against debris gets you a chance to earn a free certification. Please be guided accordingly by the promo duration below:

  • May 2017 to April 2018 – at the mark of our second year of the activity, the patron with the most dedication to the Dive Against Debris program will be  honored with a FREE Specialty Certification as an official Project Aware Dive Against Debris Specialty Diver.
  • June 2017 to December 2017 – the patron with the most dedication to the program from the period will get one (1) FREE Specialty Certification. He/she may choose among the following certifications:
    • Enriched Air
    • Underwater Photography
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    • Emergency First Response
  • January 2018 to December 2018 – the patron with the most dedication to the program from the period will get 50% off his/her next core certification. This applies to the following courses only:
    • Advance Open Water
    • Rescue
    • Master Scuba Diver

We will be posting the next event on our Facebook page so watch out for it. Until then, keep diving, don’t let your dives go to waste, don’t litter and keep bubbling and creating ripples of change!

How Much Do You Trust TripAdvisor?

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The brand and reputation

Both online and offline are without any doubt the best asset a company, especially in the service industry, can have. This is why, we at Dive Funatics continue to strive to build strongly and protect our brand and reputation by delivering the service, as we advertise and offer, as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Online reviews influence purchase

Guest reviews can make or unmake a company. Surprisingly, about 85% of consumers say that they read up to 10 reviews before they can trust a business, 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more, 92% of users will use a local business that has at least a 4-star rating, and finally, 86% of people will hesitate to go with businesses that has negative online reviews.

Reviews from different platforms collectively is far trustworthy and reliable than just from TripAdvisor alone…

Our customer reviews are proudly spread across different places and not just from TripAdvisor. Weirdly, this fact may be hurting us more than it is helping us as more travelers continue to rely only on TripAdvisor reviews as means to sway their decision in favor of those on top of the list!

Reviews from different platforms collectively is far more trustworthy and reliable than just from TripAdvisor alone, at least in an ideal world. Search engine results employ complicated algorithms to distinguish authoritative and relevant sites based on a lot of factors, reviews from different sources are taken into consideration so we take pride in knowing that we got ourselves mostly in the first page of Google Search for locally targeted keywords for scuba diving training, certification and lessons.

Thus, we maintain reviews from different industry-related review platforms to reflect the honest, unbiased, independent tenor of these comments and reviews given in our favor, which has consistently garnered us a 5-Star or excellent rating.

TripAdvisor Relevance

There have been a good number of articles written to suggest that TripAdvisor is no longer as reputable as most of its readers think is. An article from Medium and NYPost.com are good places to start.

I have personally observed new listings soaring to the top of the attraction classification in as quickly as one can blink. What’s even questionable are the kind of reviews written, some very self-serving, probably even monetized in exchange of discounts & freebies.

TripAdvisor ranking is heavily based on quantity, based on comments that are not relevant to the service being offered, and with little validation as to the authenticity of these sources, thus we cannot deny the fact that we ourselves are no longer trusting and believing comments and reviews made in favor of those who are on top of the TripAdvisor list.

As one operator told me, TripAdvisor is his main source of revenue stream and he was all too concerned about losing ranking to another operator offering much cheaper courses than him to get the bigger share of the market, which gives rise to his eventual dominance in the TripAdvisor ranking.

Clearly, TripAdvisor influences price war and cut-throat competition more so than it drives service quality. It drives companies to drop prices at least to capture enough responses and more people to write positive reviews about them, again to out rank the other.

We refuse to be part of the price war and cut-throat competition. We refuse to cut corners and lower the quality of our service, even break standards just so there is still money to be had. We refuse to get into the wholesale approach as that is detrimental to the service, tourism and dive industry that we are in.

The bottom line

We have enough social proof to sway your decision to go with us. We have priced our services and courses reasonably to be sustainable. We continue to be consistent & relevant as we engage in activities to promote awareness and wage a serious war against underwater debris and against irresponsible tourism. Most importantly, we continue to produce competent, responsible and disciplined divers who continue to make us proud.

Thank You


Thank You for Choosing Dive Funatics


You are invited to a 2-dive Christmas Party!


Hi, Guys!

So the date for the dive Christmas party has been settled. It’s gonna be on the 10th of December. Assembly time is 1:30PM at Kontiki Marina. First dive (against debris) is at 2:00PM and then during surface interval we will all sort out the debris we have collected. After which, we will be having table games and raffling off some prizes. Second dive is at 6:00PM.

For our food, we will be providing a very festive bam-i, bread, drinks and simple dessert for everyone. This being the season of sharing, we strongly encourage you to bring a little potluck just to make it extra festive. You may also bring your own booze.

There will also be a Manito/Manita thing which you may opt in or out of. The gift value is set at a minimum of Php 200. We will be doing an online drawing of your secret manito/manita and everyone is encouraged to populate their online wishlist to make things easy for the Secret Santa. Online drawing is set at December 2 to give your Secret Santa enough time to shop. So please let us know soonest if you’re in!

Lastly, fee is Php 2,000 per usual to cover for both dives, marine fees, and equipment which you may possibly use.

Happy holidays and glad tide-ings!

from all of us at Dive Funatics