DIVE FUNATICS – Best PADI training center in Cebu, Philippines!

Never settle for less!

If you are looking for a specialist to teach you how to dive, you are in the right place.

Are you aware that SCUBA Diving can be a safe sport when you are properly trained?

Would you entrust your safety for a small cost savings from the shop down the road?

BUT IF you answer YES to both questions, then sadly, we are NOT the right center for you.

Otherwise, take your courses with the best scuba instructor trainers in the area.

We are THE ONLY PADI Scuba Courses Specialist in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines.

Why? Because we are one of the few PADI centers in the country who is qualified to even teach instructor courses for PADI!

We guarantee that we will teach you all the skills and knowledge prescribed by PADI, no cutting corners, no compromises. We produce quality divers here.

Preview of our training, our facility and training site.

Why choose us?

We are the only English speaking instructor development center in Mactan.

Would who would you rather train with?

We teach people how to be PADI Instructors. We are the only English speaking Instructor Development Center in the island of Mactan. Our instructors never stop learning better ways of handling a student, handling a class, handling varying degress of learning abilities, and all ages as long as they meet age requirements for a specific course or program.

Our passion for teaching scuba diving is evident by the reviews that we get from our students. We also show and express our passion and care for the marine environment, not just talk about it.

We regularly undertake underwater clean-up at our expense. We have consistently do this regularly for years because we know that we can make a positive impact to the preservation of our coral reefs.

We are truly the PADI SCUBA Courses specialist in Cebu Philippines. It is a founded fact, not just a marketing claim.

Dive Funatics - PADI SCUBA Courses Specialists in Cebu

Professional Team

We are composed of people who cares about providing top notch service, quality instruction, complete prescribed learning materials and value for your money.

Our method of teaching is constantly audited by our in-house Course Director to ensure that we always adhere to the PADI system of education and standards.

Dive Funatics - PADI SCUBA Courses Specialists in Cebu

Known to be strict

We are serious about your safety.

We have overwhelming unsolicited 5 star reviews, we are highly recommended by our students and guests. What you read are honest comments. We never pay for reviews, we never give discounts, or other form of consideration for a review written for us. 

We prefer honest reviews about the quality of teaching and dive service that we offer.

We cater to small groups, we are a boutique type of a center, not a certification mill. You will feel safer and deserving of your certification after your class.

Dive Funatics - PADI SCUBA Courses Specialists in Cebu

Quick & Thorough

Do you know that there are only a handful of Filipino PADI Course Directors in. the world? In Cebu, you can only count with one hand the PADI course directors who teaches English in Cebu. In Mactan, there is only one, he happens to be our in-house Course Director.

With strict guidance and implementation, our training methodology is efficient, our eLearning materials are designed to be completed ahead of time, at your own convenience. We have done this enough time to become more efficient.

Dive Funatics - PADI SCUBA Courses Specialists in Cebu

Honest Pricing

We are always more expensive than the shop down the road but you get what you pay form.

Our pricing is transparent, no surprises, no hidden costs, and summarized upon checkout. We offer value for your money. We have a clear terms and conditions outlined for you.

Our pricing ensures that our team is also properly compensated.

Dive Funatics - PADI SCUBA Courses Specialists in Cebu

Versatile Packages

Our premium packages are always sought by after, but do not let pricing intimidate you.

We have packages for every budget and preference. We have the Budget, Standard and Premium packages for everyone to choose from. We are very group friendly.

We are an exclusive PADI center, we only teach PADI courses. We offer PADI courses from entry to professional level. We have a wide spectrum of specialty courses that suit your interest. Our offerings are crafted to be practical and cost effective.

Dive Funatics - PADI SCUBA Courses Specialists in Cebu

Better Facilities

We have a very spacious center.

We have airconditioned classroom, nice shaded canopy, spacious outdoor area, coffee tables where you can use in between dives, a hot & cold shower, towels, free coffee.

Cold drinks and refreshments are also available in our facility. We accept credit card payments, PayPal and Cash in PHP and in USD.

We have a pizzeria nearby where each class can have access to a pizza on the house after the course.

In short, you get better value for what you pay for.

Dive Funatics

Become a Dive Pro!

Take the PADI Go Pro Challenge. Take your Instructor Development Course with our in-house course director Darwin Bawasanta and be among the most respected dive educators in the world today!

Whether interested about career change, or bored with your routine, or just looking to augment your income potential, or just pursuing a long overdue passion, you come to the right place.

Schedule your professional development career counseling and find out how you can join the ranks of the most sought after dive instructor today!