We are ideally situated in the province of Cebu where dive destinations are just about 30 minutes away from the busy technology hubs and business centers. We are actively serving the local divers, particularly the generation Y and yuppies working in the various industries in the area. We have tie ups with various Business Process Outsourcing and Call Center companies to provide an alternative and yet awesome experience to their employees.

We are a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, with PADI number S-25403. We teach a broad spectrum of PADI courses including a lot of specialty courses to choose from. We believe in proper training, best practices sharing, and continuous learning from each other to make the best of every dive that we organize and undertake. Our primary medium of instruction is English. At the moment, we do not speak any other language other than English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Hiligaynon.

We are committed to extend the privilege of exploring the underwater world to the local tourists and to the hard working, career oriented young professionals by making our services reasonably priced and easily accessible to them.

We are not just here to dive and make money. We can talk about all sorts of topics, bounce ideas, compare notes, even offer wisdom in areas where we have greater things to share. We are flexible, reasonable and adaptive to your ever changing needs.

We make sure that all materials are complete and up-to-date, all gears are reasonably maintained, photo and video coverage are made available to our students and patrons. We adhere to the standards set forth by our certifying agency to ensure that our students get the best value for their money.

Our mission is to be the premier destination for people wanting to be properly trained in scuba diving from entry level all the way to preparing them to be instructors and even course directors in the future.

We envision ourselves to be present in all dive destinations in the Philippines, doing what we do best – training divers properly!

It started with a surprise, followed by frustration…

I have been diving for 15 years and I have not seen any significant increase in local diver population despite the entry of Business Process Outsourcing/Call Centers in the country which employs over 600K agents who are paid enough to afford the scuba diving experience. I have seen a steady destruction of our reef over time.

The question remains, why are there only a tiny fraction of locals trying out diving? More importantly, how do we preserve our coral reefs from getting totally destroyed and make our place a sustainable tourist destination? My thirst for answers got me thinking – What if we can make divers out of ordinary working class? Imagine how many reef conservation warriors we make if we can convert some of them to enjoy diving enough to care about our reefs and marine habitat?

Sadly, there is this perception that scuba diving is too expensive to even consider and explore, that it’s for the foreign tourists, that ones capacity to own a set of scuba gear determines whether diving is for you or not.

So we founded Dive Funatics with the support of trusted partners who are equally optimistic about an idea of making a sustainable and profitable business and spend its proceeds to the preservation of the environment where the money is primarily derived from.

We plan to give a considerable share of our net profit to the creation of artificial coral reefs and its maintenance, to support initiatives involving the protection and preservation of marine life, and to allocate funds for the development of staff in our community.

So we are launching two initiatives to differentiate us from everyone else. Our 1001 new divers and our eDiveefy App Platform.

Our Location – We are ideally situated in the province of Cebu where dive destinations are just about 30 minutes away from the busy technology hubs and business centers. We are actively serving the local divers, particularly the generation Y working in the various industries in the area. We have tie ups with various Business Process Outsourcing and Call Center companies to provide an alternative and yet awesome experience to their employees.

Target Market – The only dive center in Cebu to focus on catering to the local community as its main market. We aim to not just get every hardworking Filipinos to try diving at least once in their lifetime but also converting them to become coral reef conservation warriors as a result of that experience. We believe that destruction of our coral reef systems will continue as a consequence for being one of the prime tourist destination in our country. Therefore, we need people to support any and all active and ongoing initiatives to repair and preserve these underwater treasures and who else is better equipped to do that than the Filipino people themselves and getting them diving is the first step.

Strategic Value – Our initiatives and business objectives transcends beyond diving as a form or recreational entertainment or seasonal hobby. In due time, we see ourselves taking active role in promoting the creation and transplantation of artificial reefs all around the country by working hand in hand with companies looking at coral preservation efforts as a good corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects to adopt. We likewise hope to work closely with government and non-government organizations to further strengthen our position in the areas that we care so much about for.

Founders – Our founders are not just your typical business people looking to make quick money out of diving and catering to the foreign tourists and innocent rich locals looking for a quick getaway or vacation. Our founder is highly experienced in creating value for his stakeholders, and is equally seasoned in running large scale businesses with diverse products and services, and the charisma for influencing people to excel and perform with utmost efficiency and consistency. Our co-founder has one of the sharpest minds in the field of financial audit and management advisory services, with past exposure and current engagements in various multi-million companies, in different industries, each with its unique business models and accounting procedures.

Out initiative: To get 1001 new divers every year! – Getting people to dive is a giant task, something that most people would imagine impossible, so why bother?

We see ourselves as your preferred local dive center, owned by locals, for the locals. We hope to change the common perception that scuba diving is expensive, only for the rich and foreigners. We strive to get everyone to try diving once in their lifetime. We make it our mission to make everyone realize how fortunate we are to be sitting in an island paradise both in and out of water. We understand that we cannot do this all by ourselves so we need your help.

We will get 1001 new people to try scuba diving. We will work so hard that we only hope to see ONE out of the 1001 to end up not caring about our coral reefs. We hope that out of the 1001, ONE will pursue a professional career in diving. We hope that all but ONE will spread the word and help us get more people to dive.

eDiveefy – enhanced diving experience for you is a technology platform that will be adopted by divers and dive operators everywhere.

Think freedom from not having to physically visit a shop and from talking to frustrating individuals who cannot answer your questions and queries; think freedom from owning a gear; think hassle free trips without dragging heavy bags of dive gears; think of location based deals and promos pushed directly on the mobile devices. Imagine other dive centers and dive resorts all over the world using and adopting the very platform that we create.




IDC Staff Instructor / Operations Mgr

A seasoned dive professional of over 35 years is responsible for Dive Funatics’ dive operations.



Lucky Charm

She is a chow-chow, named after the famous Japanese yogurt drink matching the color of



IDC Staff Instructor / CFO

A brilliant accountant, an avid underwater photographer and a PADI Instructor, Rikka is responsible for Dive



Master Instructor / GM

An experienced executive who has overall responsibility for managing both the revenue and quality of

Insist on a PADI 5 Star Quality Training!

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Dive Funatics - PADI Resort in Maribago, Mactan, Cebu Philippines specializing in running scuba diving courses and lessons. Learn to scuba diving in Cebu PHilippines.
Dive Funatics is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, operating in Mactan, Cebu Philippines specializing in running low student ratio courses from open water course all the way up to instructor levels.
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