FREE Divemaster Internship with Dive Funatics

More about the Internship program

Whether you are in between jobs, or fulfilling a life long dream, or making a career decision, or planning to run your own dive shop in the future, becoming a PADI Divemaster is your entry point to a wide array of opportunities to work in tropical paradise, getting paid for doing what you love the most, scuba diving!

On top of our awesome PADI Divemaster course packages, we are extending the opportunity for you to learn and experience working in an environment where dive professionalism is pushed up even further despite the cut-throat competition this industry is becoming more so here in Cebu.

Our FREE internship program allows you to work hand in hand with our instructors and divemasters. It allows you to connect with everyone in our industry’s support ecosystem, and it offers you a distinct advantage in dealing with guests in a professional level. It offers you opportunity to experience and assist PADI courses with real students. We will also arm you with innovative business and management skills to set you apart from all other divemasters the industry has continued to produce. Ultimately, you will become a PADI Dive Instructor after passing the Instructor Exam conducted by Instructor Examiners from PADI office.

The program takes 8 weeks to complete if you are already a PADI Rescue Diver, with 40 logged dives, been a certified diver for 5 months. If you think you do not qualify, send us an email, tell us why and we will work something out.

The FREE DM Internship includes all required PADI materials for your Divemaster and IDC, and even all the lacking dives to meet minimum required number of dive experience for the IE. More importantly, it includes use of our equipment for the duration of your 8 weeks internship with us. Therefore, you do not need to bring your own equipment or buy your own gear. If you wish to bring and use your own gear, let us know so we can appropriately adjust your package price accordingly.

How is it FREE?

Our Divemaster Internship is FREE. That means you earn all that training, mentoring, experience and certification rating for FREE. However, you still have to pay the Instructor Development Course (IDC) and all fees payable directly to PADI. You just have to pay for associated PADI fees directly to PADI at the end of your program. This package is designed for divers who are planning to teach, become great dive educators, successful instructors and more importantly, someone who has at least 6 weeks to spend preparing and polishing his dive profession.

Package price is 3,000 USD. To read more about our extensive IDC program, visit our IDC Page or contact us using our contact form.

Book Now message from Drew Richardson, PADI President & CEO, PADI Diving Educator, Explorer. a word of caution, you might not be as lovable as you were after you are done with this program.

Are you looking to do just the DM Course?

If you do not have the time to spend on an internship type of training then don’t worry, we can help you.

We have packages to choose from if you are looking to just do the Divemaster Course. It takes 12 days to complete provided that you are already a rescue diver, with at least 40 logged dives and your EFR Primary & Secondary care or equivalent certification has been issued in the last 24 months.

Become a DM

What is included?

  • 8 weeks of training and internship
  • DM, IDC, EFR Crewpak
  • DM Course
  • Use of gear
  • Instructor Development Course (IDC)
  • EFR Instructor Course
  • Emergency O2 Provider Specialty Instructor Course
  • Assisting with real customers and students
  • Unlimited Shore Diving
  • Free Internet Access at the center
  • Dive Funatics Shirts
  • Water Bottle
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation at our dormitory

    Incidental Fees (Not Included)

    • Meals
    • Transportation
    • Miscelaneous

    Contact us to find out more about schedules