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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

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Your Open Water Diver certification introduced you to a new realm of exploration and made you keenly aware that you’ve only just scratched the surface of the underwater world. Continue your scuba journey with The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Experience new adventures with a PADI Instructor by your side. Fine-tune your buoyancy skills, build confidence in your navigation abilities, and try new activities like wreck diving, night diving or underwater videography. An Advanced Open Water Diver certification also opens the door to dive sites deeper than 18m/60ft.

2 Days of Dive Adventure!

Advanced Open Water – All about adventure.

Improve your skills and experience as a certified advanced open water scuba diver in a quickly as 2 in-water training days and for as low as 18,000 Php.  Unlike in your Open Water diver course, you don’t have to complete your eLearning course before your scheduled training date to participate in the training. You can complete that as participage in your adventure dives with us!

Your Advanced Open Water certification will open up more exciting and challenging training, certification and recognization like eventually earning the elite Master Scuba Diver rating.

Looking to improve your skills and take it to the next level? Come to Cebu! We got you covered, we have flexible packages that suits your preference. Our Advanced Open Water course is tailored to be the perfect combination of adventure dives that delivers value to you as a certified scuba diver. Scuba diving is an activity that is reserved for certified divers. Some dives and dive sites prove to be more challenging for Open Water certified divers due to depths, environment, conditions and other factors that require more intermediate training. Getting certified as PADI AOW means that you can train and prepare to dive in some challenging conditions.

The term “advanced” is a relative term. It is used in the context of what a diver has experienced in terms of dive environment, conditions, depths, and possibly different dive configuration or breathing gas mix relative to the open water course. This means that someone coming out of their open water certification can immediately take the advanced course because it is better to try new environment, greater depth, or new configuration with an instructor to guide you, impart knowledge and experience to you. This is a lot better than learning these things on your own, or with other divers, as you gain more dives.

Not a certified diver yet? No problem! We have created an add-on that you can conveniently bundled both Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses that you can comfortably complete in just 4 days! At Dive Funatics, we offer three options to become a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

Dive Funatics’ booking system is automated, and real time. You can choose your schedule, your courses, packages. Once you book successfully, your eLearning access will be sent to you automatically. Your schedule is booked, and the number of subsequent booking for the same date will be reduced accordingly to ensure that we do not oversell our schedules. It is our conscious decision to limit our students so everyone gets the best attention that our instructors can accord to anyone on that class. We like to run courses even for just one student.

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If you have questions, do not hesitate to send us an email, or use our form to submit your queries. We strive to respond to them as quickly as possible to provide you answers and peace of mind.

Special note for people flying out after diving

There is a mandatory no fly time of at least 18 hours from the time you surface from your last dive before you can safely fly out so plan your flight bookings properly. On the other hand, there is no similar restriction on flying in and diving. Therefore, make sure to consider these when planning for your flight out following your training so you can avoid any inconvenience resulting from this.

The PADI eLearning® Difference

Whether you want to learn to scuba dive or you’re a certified scuba diver looking to continue your education, PADI’s digital scuba programs are the way to go. Work at your own pace, online or offline, using your computer or mobile device. Schedule in-water training when you’re ready.

Most of the courses that we offer includes eLearning as our choice of materials. Soon after you book your course with Dive Funatics you get access to this fantastic, intuitive and comprehensive remote learning material.


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This PADI Advanced Open Water Course package includes 2 days of in-water training, PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning material (full version with video embedded), automatically sent shortly after successfully booking your schedule. Everything you need to get certified is included like the use of all required scuba gear, weights, tanks, instruction and certification.

Step 1 – Indicate the number of persons/students doing the course.

Step 2 – Select the date of your 1st day of training.

Step 3– Select any additional value added offers may be selected during the booking process.

Step 4 – Click or Tap “Book Now” and checkout like you normally would with any online transaction.

The total course fee is automatically computed as you select your desired options. Everything is transparent!

When including the food, please provide notes for any diet restriction so we may factor that in during the preparation of your bundled meals and refreshments.

Base price is P17,000/Student. 

Sample Schedule

This is a general schedule of the course. This offers a general idea of how your training is structured. The course is performance-based so your instructor may introduce changes depending on some unforeseen variables.

Day 1 (12 pm to 8pm)

  • Administrative paperworks (including collection of your eRecords)
  • Quick Review / Thinking Like a Diver Discussions
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive
  • UW Navigation Adventure Dive
  • Night Dive

Day 2 (9am to 1pm)

  • Deep Adventure Dive
  • Nitrox Adventure Dive

Reminder: Please do not forget to bring your eRecord, your medical certificate (when applicable), swim wear (rashguards, board shorts, swimsuits, etc), set of dry clothes, lunch and transportation money. Wetsuit, boots and towels will be provided for use onsite.

Where we train

Unless otherwise arranged or specified, training will be conducted at the house reef of Kontiki Marina, Mactan, Cebu. We meet and hangout at the Oxygen Restaurant, inside the resort in between in-water training sessions. They serve drinks, beverage and meals at a reasonable prices.

Remedial Day(s)

In the event that you cannot meet the minimum requirements for earning certification or completing a portion of your training to move forward to certification, in 2 days, you may choose to:


  • extend your training days and conduct remedial sessions to satisfactorily fulfill all performance requirements for the course. The cost of remedial training per day is P3,500 PHP, excluding the rental of specialized equipment listed, but not limited to underwater camera, strobes, oxygen analyzers, etc.
  • get certified as PADI Adventure Diver; or
  • arrange for another center, instructor to complete the remainder of the required performance requirements to earn your certification

We are committed to low training ratios and does not over-book its classes.

Our commitment to the highest level of quality training and safety is our number one goal. When you schedule a class, confined, or open water training session, you are prohibiting another customer from booking or reserving that spot.

Once you schedule your class, confined, and/or open water training sessions, you may reschedule your training sessions as long as you notify us a week before your scheduled booking with no additional penalties.

Any and every change in schedules made after the 1 week window shall be subject to P2,500 PHP rescheduling / rebooking fee provided that the notification of such change is done not later than 24 hours before the commencement of the booking date, otherwise, the booking is deemed cancelled by the customer.

Rescheduling or rebooking is only permitted within six (6) months from the initial booking date.

Booking / Deposit

We require advance booking of at least 3 days before the start of the in-water training. Your booking is only considered confirmed upon payment of the required deposit.

We require a payment of at least 50% as deposit to confirm your booking. Balance is payable and due on the first day of the training. We pass on a 5% PayPal charges and bank fees for payments made through PayPal.

We accept credit card payments via PayPal, Bank Transfers, or Cash in PHP and USD only. We do not process credit cards on site.

ATMs, Banks, and Money Changer establishments are very accessible in our area, however, when transacting, be mindful about the daily withdrawal limits imposed by your banks on foreign countries, unfavorable exchange rates, and risks of getting swindled or robbed.

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