Additional information

Lunch Option?
Lunch is not included in our dive package, but you have a few options to consider, they are as follows:

  • order and bring them with you;
  • get it ordered and prepackaged at the Oxygen Restaurant;
  • arranged for an earlier start so you are done early.

Dive Funatics reserves the right to modify and/or cancel diving arrangements for the reasons listed, but not limited to, those below:

  • the number of customers scheduled for the dive;
  • weather conditions making the trip to the scheduled destination not possible;
  • other ensuing technical difficulties.
  • Guest or students who fail to participate in any dives on a trip, or any course training dives, for whatever reason, shall not be reimbursed for any unused or uncompleted portion(s) of the trip or course.

Dive Funatics is committed to low diver to guide ratio and does not over-book its dive packages.

Our commitment to the highest level of quality service and safety is our number one goal. When you schedule a dive, you are prohibiting another customer from booking or reserving that spot.

Once you schedule your dive,  you may reschedule it to another time as long as you notify us a week before your scheduled booking with no additional penalties.

Any and every change in schedules made after the 1 week window shall be subject to P2,500 PHP rescheduling / rebooking fee provided that the notification of such change is done not later than 24 hours before the commencement of the booking date, otherwise, the booking is deemed cancelled by the customer.

Rescheduling or rebooking is only permitted within six (6) months from the initial booking date.

Booking / Deposit
We require advance booking of at least 2 days before the start of your planned. Your booking is only considered confirmed upon payment of the required deposit.

We accept credit card payments via PayPal, Bank Transfers, or Cash in PHP and USD only. We do not process credit cards on site. Balance payment done via PayPal will be subject to additional fees.

ATMs, Banks, and Money Changer establishments are very accessible in our area, however, when transacting, be mindful about the daily withdrawal limits imposed by your banks on foreign countries, unfavorable exchange rates, and risks of getting swindled or robbed.

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Boat Dive around Mactan Planner

From: 18,000

A dive boat trip package to a pre-agreed destination in and around Mactan Island.

This package includes

This package includes the following:

  • boat
  • 2 dives / diver
  • 3rd dive as an add-on
  • airfills
  • weights
  • basic gear
  • guide
  • marine fees
  • use of Towel

This activity requires a recognized diver certification. Non-certified and non-divers are welcome to join the trip and snorkel for a fee.

Not included, are

  • Accommodation
  • Other Meals, transfers, marine fees

This activity requires at least an open water  or equivalent certification from a recognized diver certification.

What to expect?
Generally, dives in and around Mactan are wall dives, mild to strong currents.

The surrounding area is host to a good number of nudibranches, anemonies, sponges, soft and hard corals. Jackfish, bat fish, parrot fish, wrasses, trigger fish, groupers, snappers, puffer fish, lion fish are abundant. Sightings of juvenile whaleshark, turtles, rays, and sun fish (mola-mola) is less frequent in these waters but when you get lucky, you will cherish them as well.

Where do you meet us
We normally leave on or before 9am, so we hope to see each other around 8am.

We will meet at Oxygen Restaurant inside Kontiki Marine Resort. This is an ideal place to stay and hang around and have coffee in the morning. You may also have you lunch prepackaged there. The boat will be docked a few meters away from the restaurant.

The restaurant is located inside Kontiki Marina, Mactan, Cebu.