Places Where We Are Mentioned

This page is dedicated to the sites and authors who found the time to write something about us. We appreciate how you found the time to include us in one of your awesome articles.

AWARE Week – PADI Blog

Ongoing Undewater Cleanups Around the Globe – PADI Blog

No Fixed Course – Sarah’s travel diary, reviews, opinion pieces and more..


Zero Three Two – An online magazine which houses everything the site curators love to tell the world about.


ILuvCebu – One of Cebu’s most influential blogs out there.


Cebu Reef – Scuba Diving Magazine


Why Cebu – Dedicated to answering the question why Cebu is one of the most awesome places in the world.


NinaVS the World – Nina the Dutchie’s travel blog.


We try to find posts and authors who have, in one time or another, found the time to write something about us but we may have missed your article about us. If you don’t see your articles mentioned in this page, please tell us about it so we can thank you properly.

Again, thank you.