Home Activity Ideas for your Kids

Are you a parent running out of home activity ideas for your kid? Or are you a teacher looking for content to send to your kids as homeschool activities? Maybe yet, are you that cool aunt or uncle who’s sick of answering 300 “Why” questions every day? Then we’ve got you covered! Keep kids in quarantine busy with these activities that are sure to impart some awareness on marine life conservation.

Coloring Sheet, Rubbish Search and Word Hunt

Download this printable underwater-themed coloring sheet complete with interesting underwater facts. It’s a double-sided file which also has word search and beach rubbish hunt. It’s like a paper version of our Dive Against Debris Specialty Course. Here’s a preview of how the coloring sheet looks like:

Video: Ugly Journey of Our Trash

Another home activity idea you can try for your kids is to have them watch this video from Project Aware. As it’s only a three-minute clip showing the journey of our trash, get creative in extending the activity. For instance, you may give them art materials and tell them to come up with a poster summarizing the clip.

Pledge Against Single-Use Plastics

After watching that clip and making that poster, hopefully, you have instilled the value of minimizing if not totally eradicating single-use plastic. Have the kids do a pledging ceremony following this:

From this day forward, I, state your name, will say ‘no’ to single-use plastics. I will refuse single-use plastic bags and will at all times carry a reusable eco bag with me. In addition to that, I will be drinking water from my reusable container. More importantly, I will also refuse plastic straws, spoons and forks and will carry reusable utensils with me at all times. So help me universe.

You may also become an e-activist and sign an online petition here, as the online petition requires that one is at least 18 years old to join.

More Videos

Because visual learning is effective and kids can’t seem to let go of their devices these days, add this YouTube playlist on their device. As of this writing, the playlist contains 9 kid-friendly videos about marine conservation and actions we can take. It’s a sure way to keep them entertained for a while. You can loop the playlist all you want for unlimited entertainment plus education. That’s a win-win!


To reward the kids for their efforts, you can print out this certificate and present it to them. Take a peak at how it looks like. Doesn’t it make you want to earn the certificate too?

Eco Clothing

In case you are feeling extra giving, browse through Project Aware’s collection of eco-clothing for kids. They are ethically made from organic cotton perfect to support their kiddie adventures. The shirts come in fun prints and designs too! Your purchase will go a long way in supporting an organization dedicated to shark conservation and marine debris collection efforts. Delivery may take 1-2 weeks in this difficult time.