What makes Dive Funatics the best scuba diving school in the Philippines

Customers value our training because we stand firm in what we believe in

There are times when we lost our potential customers to other centers because they offer cheap prices with a lot of “freebies”. Sad to say, with our current pricing models, we still do not make a lot of money. We have always wondered how others are able to offer theirs with all the freebies, it doesn’t seem to make any business sense. We have the same costs, we are supposed to use the same materials and manuals, and still, the math doesn’t add up. Something has to give, some corners are being cut in the process, at least that is what our logic suggest.

Here’s a short video about why it is still in your best interest to choose us even if you pay a little extra.

The People behind Dive Funatics

over 30 years of combined years of teaching experience, collectively issued over 3000 certifications under their belts

Our team of instructors started young, trained by the best course directors in their time, trained with proper diving fundamentals, with safe diving habits in mind, and passion for eco-marine protection. Dive Funatics believe that the people who makes up the organization determines the outcome of our students and products. Our team shares the culture of sustainability by protecting the reef which supports our industry. Our team shares the culture of ensuring that each diver that comes our way will be trained properly. Our instructors share the common value that safety is the primary priority.

Responsible diving – The heart of ideology

the world is composed of 71% water, 97% of that is ocean

Our consistent conservation efforts without less marketing hype puts us in the forefront of serious marine conservation movement. We do what is necessary, we act without any external support, we spend and produce without getting anything back in return. We don’t just clean up because everyone does it in September, we don’t just do it because media will make a buzz about it, we just don’t do it because everyone in the social media would react to it.

We believe that we should shift our focus more to protect our marine environment. The world is composed of 71% water, 97% of that is ocean, but nobody else seems to care much about it. The world is busy posting tarpaulins about fun runs and other land based activities and most of their bottled waters, food packaging, plastic trash ending up in the ocean! Who would clean up after that?

Honesty and Transparency

we do not compete with pricing, our fees are reasonable and transparent. No misleading published rates

We do not compete with pricing, our fees are reasonable and transparent. No misleading published rates, No hidden fees and No surprises, No cutting of corners, No substandard instructors to handle your courses. Our services are not cheap, nor they are expensive, just priced right.

The little money we make allows us grow our business, pay our people reasonably, give back to our community, fuel our passion.

We are unmatched when it comes to value for your money, superb customer experience, reasonably priced PADI courses, and unparalleled professionalism.

How do we compare from other popular dive operators in Cebu?

Dive Funatics successfully sets itself apart from the other dive centers in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines by ensuring that our students get the quality training they deserve, and by addressing their different training needs. Our instructors aim to prescriptively fine-tune individual issues, weaknesses, challenges and helping them achieve the mastery that our training standards outlined.

Ultimately, we are the best scuba diving school in Cebu, Philippines!

You want your training to be thorough, safe and worth it. Experience may be the best teacher but having a solid and strong dive basics and foundation ensures that you do not develop the bad habits and instead maximize your learning potential as you dive more and more over time.