Over the weekend we did another survey of our beloved adopted dive site, Kontiki Marina. With a team of only four (4) participants as others were busy with classes and didn’t finish in time [you need to be a certified diver to do a dive against debris!], we still managed to bring to the surface 7kg of debris for a 47 min dive. Still quite a lot. 🙁 Kudos to this wonderful team for the amount of trash we managed to collect despite our sheer number this month.

More about the profile of the garbage we have recovered here.

Next month’s Dive Against Debris will be on October 30, 2016, a Sunday. This being Halloween, we will be holding a late afternoon dive (hood costume dive!) and the best in hood costume as judged by our team of instructors will get a bag of treats. After the late afternoon dive against debris, we will be having a humble dinner on site (humba, rice, chopsuey and soda) and chill a little before we go to our second night dive. Our special rate for the Halloween Dive Against Debris + Dinner + Night Dive is only Php 2,000.00. This booking is not available on the website so please send us a message here if you are interested.

Oh, I forgot, we’re also giving away a mystery gift (something to do with apparel) to all participants. 😀 The fee quoted above includes resort fees, two tanks of air, weights, use of equipment including torch for the night dive, a mystery gift and a chance to win a bag of treats. All you have to do is bring yourself, wear your underwater costume and help us clean our ocean!

Additional notes on the hood costume, please consider safety in coming up with your quirky add-ons. Be mindful of entanglement issues and be considerate to our underwater friends sensitive to flashy items.