We had another reason to gather this month and collect some debris – we get to do it wearing funky hood costumes (or at least we were supposed to!). This month’s event was another success thanks to the relatively bigger turnout of divers who were up to dive and gather whatever debris was to be found in our dearly beloved adopted dive site Kontiki Marina.

A total of 13 divers pledged there time to join us for a dive against debris yesterday, October 30, 2016. However, with the bad weather, two weren’t able to join. The afternoon started with people slowly coming in starting at 2PM. We were able to go down and do the dive against debris at 3:28PM. Visibility was bad and the current was a bit strong. Although we only logged a total dive time of 46 minutes, we still managed to pull out a total of 11 lbs. of debris off the waters of Kontiki Marina. This is a very huge development as compared to the dives against debris we’ve made over the past months. Highly notable is the decrease in the volume of glass debris found. For more information about yesterday’s survey, you may click here.

With the early sunset, we were supposed to do our night dive at 5:30PM but the wind picked up and we were forced to have our humble dinner of humba and chopsuey instead. Thankfully, the wind slowed and we were able to do a night dive at around 6:45PM. It was a good night dive. Some were able to see rock lobsters, octopus and what not. We’ll be posting pictures of the event on our facebook page so feel free to check them out or tag yourself.

As usual, our deepest appreciation goes out to the underwater warriors who have joined us in this cause.