November has been a busy month for everyone but before the it ended, we still managed to squeeze in a dive dedicated against debris on the last Sunday of the month. We were only able to pool 5 people for this month’s event but we’re happy (and sad at the same time) to report we have freed up the ocean of another 25 lbs of debris.

This month’s dive against debris is special despite our modest headcount. One participant was celebrating her 100th dive and we couldn’t be any more proud that she chose to support our cause and dedicated her milestone as a dive against underwater debris.

In a nutshell, of the 25 lbs of debris collected, majority was still plastic. There is an ever rising count of wet wipes and clothing material underwater. This type of debris normally fall on a sizable surface area of coral seriously affecting the lives of these creatures. A huge fishing net was collected and inspected for any entanglement. One little red coral crab was released unharmed and alive. We may have lost the paint cans from previous months but one was back in the ocean  and this time still containing residue marine epoxy. We only found out it was still leaking paint when we were already at the surface. Luckily, the unlucky participant was holding his mesh tightly against his body and the paint was just all over his wetsuit. Cheers to our underwater warriors!

More info about this month’s effort can be accessed here.