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Things to prepare for your Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

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Scuba Diving| PADI Lessons | Cebu Philippines

Divers are generally happy people.

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My usual routine involves opening mailboxes in the morning, sorting the ones that require immediate action, or the ones that need to be marked as spam and everything in between. So this morning, there was this video being circulated around, at least it was from within my inner circle and that puts a good smile on my face. It says “Happiness is a serious business” so how can I possibly ignore that? I’m a sucker for a serious business so what can I do?

I don’t get something like this as much as I used to but I still get a few every now and then. Knowing that it was passed around, going through corporate email servers with antivirus scans stamped on it, I didn’t hesitate to open the video while I was having my morning coffee.

The message of this video isn’t really new. The message is something that we already know, but something that we always take for granted or neglect. Watching this video reminded me of why I changed careers and why I feel that such a drastic change is worth it. It sort of affirms a direction, or puts a purpose or a meaning to ones ideology and advocacy.

You see, SCUBA divers are generally happy people. In fact, this is why most of us dive. We want a quick escape from the stress of everyday living. To us, the feeling of tranquility and serenity being engulfed with water, the feeling of weightlessness, or the time standing still, the sound of the bubbles and the sight of marvelous marine biodiversity is what living is all about.

The truth about diving is that, however momentary a dive can last, no matter how many times we have been diving in the same place, no matter how familiar the terrain looks like, the experience is never going to be the same. This is why we always surface with a big smile on our faces – the joy and happiness diving brings is almost always guaranteed.

As our own way of contribution to the “Live Happy” movement, we aim to bring happiness to everyone, one diver at a time.

Scuba Diving| PADI Lessons | Cebu Philippines

Team ZEROTHREETWO discovers scuba diving

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Two of the founders of ZeroThreeTwo, one of Cebu’s widely read and followed online magazine went Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) with Dive Funatics last Saturday, November 15, 2014. What is so memorable for us about this whole experience is that both of these guys were so natural and as equally enthusiastic about diving as we are. They are yet to be the best DSD participants we have had the opportunity to conduct the program with, most definitely the fastest to blaze through the basic skills demonstration required in PADI’s DSD program as if they have already done so before.

Usual tour around the familiar Kontiki House Reef site, we managed to feed a bunch of small variety of damselfish – the first to catch the bread. We also toured the wreck or remains of what used to be the power shovel of a crane. This is where Jake saw a couple of coral snakes stalking their prey at the upper part of a piece of heavy equipment now fully covered with live corals.

Over all, it was a bit crowded and noisy with other DSD programs being conducted mostly for Korean tourists. Our dive on the other hand was as smooth as silk without any difficulties and issues; with very slight current and decent visibility. We ended just about lunch time. We logged our dives and discussed some strategy to make our DSD program more accessible and more affordable to the working class Filipinos.

ZeroThreeTwo will be coming up with programs and activities with Dive Funatics being one of its partners in the next few weeks so do not miss this opportunity to try and experience diving for FREE. Visit their website, like their facebook page (if you haven’t already).

We look forward to our next fun dives with the cool people at ZeroThreeTwo.

Scuba Diving| PADI Lessons | Cebu Philippines

Airsoft Force of the Philippines (AFP) discovers scuba diving

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Winston and his core officers went diving with Dive Funatics last November 8, 2014. They have discovered a new way of taking their much needed R&R from the usual weekend airsoft games and tournaments. The Airsoft Force of the Philippines (AFP) is a private group of players dedicated to the sport of airsoft. The group promotes sportsmanship, good-fellowship, and brotherhood. Dyordz, a member of Dive Funatics team, is also part of AFP.

It was a day of chaos and mayhem due to the varied sizes and built of the participants where fitting masks, booties and even the wetsuits were traded back and forth so everyone gets to use the closest fit. It also took us a while to go over each of the DSD brochure making sure everything is in order and the forms fully filled up and signed.

Finally, we all went down to conduct the drills and perform the skills at the desired mastery and performance requirement before finally heading down to 5 meters of underwater adventure. It was then when Diane, decided to skip the DSD as she was unsure about tagging along. After the guys did the experience, we had to take a break for lunch and we made sure that Diane is able to experience what it feels like to be underwater. So we took her alone and she ended up seeing more than what the guys did. She surfaced feeling ecstatic about her experience and how good it felt to face and conquer her fear.

We managed to capture a great deal of underwater pictures to document the adventure. Everyone went home smiling and hoping to repeat the same adventure on a regular basis starting next year.