Winston and his core officers went diving with Dive Funatics last November 8, 2014. They have discovered a new way of taking their much needed R&R from the usual weekend airsoft games and tournaments. The Airsoft Force of the Philippines (AFP) is a private group of players dedicated to the sport of airsoft. The group promotes sportsmanship, good-fellowship, and brotherhood. Dyordz, a member of Dive Funatics team, is also part of AFP.

It was a day of chaos and mayhem due to the varied sizes and built of the participants where fitting masks, booties and even the wetsuits were traded back and forth so everyone gets to use the closest fit. It also took us a while to go over each of the DSD brochure making sure everything is in order and the forms fully filled up and signed.

Finally, we all went down to conduct the drills and perform the skills at the desired mastery and performance requirement before finally heading down to 5 meters of underwater adventure. It was then when Diane, decided to skip the DSD as she was unsure about tagging along. After the guys did the experience, we had to take a break for lunch and we made sure that Diane is able to experience what it feels like to be underwater. So we took her alone and she ended up seeing more than what the guys did. She surfaced feeling ecstatic about her experience and how good it felt to face and conquer her fear.

We managed to capture a great deal of underwater pictures to document the adventure. Everyone went home smiling and hoping to repeat the same adventure on a regular basis starting next year.