What makes the new PADI IDC Curriculum better?

PADI is living up to its commitment to continuously deliver cutting-edge diver education. This includes the reevaluation, revision and enhancement of an already comprehensive industry respected Instructor Development Course in the world.

The IDC is really about PADI Course Directors and IDC Staff Instructors teaching candidates to be competent and confident PADI Instructors. Revised IDC builds on the strength of the curriculum and continues to prepare new instructors for careers as dive educators.

Here are some of the highlights?


Awesome Materials

  • New IDC eLearning, included in the IDC Crew-Paks, shifts more foundational content to independent learning.
  • It displays on computers, tablets and phones, and allows online and offline study.
  • Materials allow face-to-face time to be spent on practical application and workshops.
  • Hands-on training using PADI digital materials and resources.
  • eLearning is available in multiple languages.

More Workshops

  • Staff-led workshops emphasize realistic scenarios that encourage candidates to Think Like an Instructor.
  • Options to first practice confined and open water teaching presentations in dry simulation mode better prepare candidates for in-water presentations.
  • Candidates practice teaching with and without an assistant.
  • Integrated approach to dive theory review within the IDC through a workshop and an updated digital Diving Knowledge Workbook.

More Changes

  • Increased emphasis on rescue skills especially on panic diver exercises and rescue scenario practice.
  • Skills circuit revision
  • Updated evaluation criteria.

What does all that really mean for the candidates?

It means that candidates now has the luxury of going through the course ahead of time, at their own pace and time. It now gives everyone an ample time to fully absorb everything before the IDC even starts.

Also, it means that candidates now have more time learning more about the practical side of teaching the PADI courses and programs by learning and practicing them dry, in the classroom before doing them underwater. 

Furthermore, the new IDC Curriculum now uses the revised evaluation criteria for the confined and open water presentation as well as the knowledge development presentations.

Finally, the new curriculum emphasizes the value of thinking like an instructor and developing the attitude as a dive mentor early on.

Why take your IDC with Dive Funatics?

Prior to the introduction of the workshops in the revised IDC Curriculum, our Course Directors Darwin and Christophe has been doing it and inserting the workshops as standard method of delivering the course. Therefore, the revised curriculum simply is a validation that our approach is more efficient.

Dive Funatics have adopted the use of eLearning for all courses where eLearning is available so we are very familiar with how it works. Our Course Directors, IDC Staff Instructors, and operational staff are all very knowledgeable with how eLearning is delivered so they are able to support you fully.

The IDC Teaching Team is solid and experienced IDC mentors. They tirelessly and selflessly offer their time and attention so they can respond to you whenever you require supplemental coaching session.

IDC Class is intimate. We give everyone the attention that they deserve. Ultimately, you as a candidate will feel that you are getting more value for your money.

We teach and make you understand the concepts, tell you the rational behind every concept and skill. Unlike some Course Directors, we do not spoon-feed the topics to you. Therefore, you will come out of our IDC confident, prepared and ready to teach. The Instructor Exam (IE) is just a validation of what you learn, rather, it is not a challenge that you will be very nervous to conquer. 

If you want to learn more about our  PADI IDC, visit our Instructor Development area. You may also look at the Online IE Calendar to plan your schedule around it. If you are not a Divemaster yet, visit our Divemaster Internship packages for more information.