We love our ocean and we are bent to be part of the global effort to protect our seas and our marine life. As a diver, we choose to make every dive a dive against debris and we want to influence as many divers in our community to do the same.

Starting this May 15, 2016, Dive Funatics will be launching our first Project Aware Dive Against Debris clinic! We will dedicate our time month after month to teach, train and arm every interested diver to be part of the Dive Against Debris movement. Since this is in support to a much greater cause, we at Dive Funatics will offer our time to train and certify you for FREE. Pay only for the cost of your dives, resort fees, certifying credits and your precious day to earn this important and significant specialty course.

We will be conducting our clinic in Kontiki, Maribago, Mactan, Cebu. Don’t forget to bring your own equipment and mesh bags. If you don’t have your own equipment, let us know. We would be happy to provide for you.

We now have the tools, the methods and the curriculum to properly survey, collect and report debris in our ocean. Make every dive as a dive against debris. No need to wait for organized annual clean-ups, no need to be dependent on other groups to outline the clean up plan. You and your dive buddies can do it, and you can do it every time you go diving.

For more information about how the schedule and how to sign up, please go to our Dive Against Debris Specialty course page. You can reserve your slot by booking the course online by clicking the banner.