August has been such a busy month for us at Dive Funatics we forgot to post the results of our monthly Dive Against Debris and Adopt A Dive Site.

We are very thankful to the participants who managed to pull out 7 kg of underwater debris. Most of the debris collected are plastics, followed by metals and the rest is a mishmash of wood, cloth, paper, rubber and glass materials. The dive covered and area of about 170 square meters and most of the debris was collected in the shallows.  For more details about the survey conducted and the kind of debris collected, you may access the link here.

We are happy to report that there was no entangled animal encountered during this dive. There are no more paint cans as well.

We at Dive Funatics are still looking forward to the day when we do a dive against debris and end up with no data to report. Join us in the September Dive Against Debris which we will be holding on the 17th of September.  Save the date and book it here.