This May 2017 kicks off the second year of our commitment to Project Aware’s “Adopt A Dive Site” Program. For twelve straight months, we have religiously conducted monthly Dives Against Debris and collected over 123.32 kg (271.89 lb.) of underwater debris! In terms of piece count, this translates to 2,179 pieces of debris offloaded from our favorite underwater backyard, Kontiki Marina. We couldn’t have possibly done this without patrons supporting the cause.


This year, as we strive to continue our efforts, we hope to give back to our most loyal patron. We will still be doing at least 1 dive against debris every month and from the period May 2017 to April 2018, the patron with the highest attendance will earn the “Diver Against Debris” specialty certification for FREE. That’s right, at the end of our second year of collecting underwater debris, one truly dedicated underwater warrior will earn the Project Aware Diver Against Debris certification, honoris causa. That’s the least we can do for our beloved ocean warrior. This certification will bring you closer to achieving Master Scuba Diver rating later. We will be posting the Dive Against Debris schedules as events on our Facebook Page so watch out for that. The first event will be on May 28, 2017.


We continue to hope we get to a point where we would be proud to say we have no debris to report. To add more meaning to our efforts this year, all underwater debris collected which can be upcycled as ecobricks will be used as such. Look out for our upcoming post on the dos and don’ts of ecobricking!


Until then, keep diving but don’t let your dives go to waste and don’t ever, ever litter.



Dive Funatics