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About cebu

The Queen City of Cebu is a highly urbanized metropolitan outside of Manila. Cebu as province is host to awesome beaches, food, night scene, adventure destination, big corporations, friendly people and can converse in English fairly well.

This culturally rich City, in fact, the oldest City in the Philippines offers access to year round tropical weather, different laid-back and exhilarating activities, banks, malls, resorts, food & hotels of all types and budget. A convergence of paradise and convenience in one marvelous place.

The international airport is relatively less crowded and smoother compared to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Traffic is slowly becoming worse over time but the attractions, destinations and activity centers are luckily close to each other.

Cebu is also the best staging point for your other destinations in the country.

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Safety and Security

Your safety is our primary concern, your comfort and convenience follows second.

We promote safe diving practices and we strictly adhere to current dive safety techniques and dive training standards. We do not compromise your safety, our safety and the others around us for anything.

We recommend taking precautionary measures when diving with us, such as getting covered by a dive insurance, doing refresher dives if you haven’t been diving for the past 6 months, and offering specialty courses to improve your skills, experience and exposure to other types of diving while under our care.

Terrorism, political instability, unscrupulous business practices, criminality are very important concerns that can subject and influence your visit here in the Philippines. Generally speaking, Cebu being a busy, buzzling, highly urbanized city, and being outside and far Manila and Mindanao, it enjoys a much better peace, order and security situation than in other areas of the country. Pity crimes such as swindling, theft & robbery, prostitution, and even assault are more rampant against tourists than they are with locals.

Access to police assistance, EMS and even the hyperbaric chamber is quick and easy. Our dive shop also has a portable tank of O2 for immediate treatment, an O2 concentrator for prolonged use.

Access to medical facilities, specialized doctors and pharmacies is easy and convenient.

Weather and Comfort

Generally, Cebu enjoys a year-round tropical weather with water temperature ranging from 26C to 34C. Visibility in Mactan is about 10M on a bad day and can go as far as 25M on a good day.

We are regularly visited by typhoons all year round, Cebu is uniquely situated around major nearby islands which shields our area from the full strength of the wind and gust. At the very least, flood, rains and waves affect our diving activities.

We like the diving better during summer months (March to May) because of the hot sun, the warmer water temperature, and more favorable water movements.

Getting Around Cebu

Getting around Cebu is becoming easier and cheaper due to the recent introduction of ride sharing app like Grab. This simply eliminates if not minimizes haggling, unexpected hidden costs, misunderstanding and ensures safety and security for the riding public. We recommend Grab for Cebu as a better and cheaper app to use when getting around the city.

Taxi, V-hire and Jeepneys are still the staple public transport for the majority of locals.

Things to do in Cebu

This is one of the most comprehensive list of things to try in Cebu. The 59 Must Try List.