PADI SCUBA Diving Lessons and Courses in Cebu

Our Courses and Packages Structure

Dive Funatics is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, we offer the complete range of PADI diver training programs. Our  courses come with the option of paperback books, online, or downloadable digital materials, something to suit all learning styles and time constraints.

For more information on the different types of materials offered by PADI, explore our website, or if you have any questions or need help with selecting the most suitable options for you, please get in touch with our staff, we’ll be happy to advise you.

We currently offer 3 different packages to suit everyone’s budget and preference. We have the budget, standard, and premium packages.

Course Duration

Knowing the time required to complete a course is a very important. However, we need to emphasize two important points – courses are performance based and that our courses come with specified training days.

Performance based

PADI Courses have standardized outline. There are performance requirements that a student must meet in order to get certified. This includes completing the knowledge reviews, passing a final exam, performing the skills in confined and open water in a reasonably comfortable, fluid and repeatable manner. This means that you need to perform all these to get certified, therefore certification is not based on how long it takes you to train for it.

Training days

Our courses come with training days. This is based on what the PADI Standards recommend and based on how long it generally take for most of the students to meet performance requirements. In the unlikely event that a student requires extra day(s) to complete a course, we also offer remedial training day(s) so nobody will feel rushed, forced, and eventually cut corners. Alternatively, there are subset courses that may serve as fall back certifications in case a student cannot meet performance requirements for one reason or another.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consider allocating and extra day or two in case you need to spend more time mastering some of the required skills.

No-Fly time

In addition to the training days, please note that there is a mandatory no-fly time of at least 18 hours before you can safely take a flight out after your last dive so take this into consideration when booking a flight out of Cebu.

Medical Fitness

All student divers are required to complete a medical questionnaire, if a student answers yes to any of the screening questions they must get the approval of a licensed doctor prior to any in-water activity. The purpose of this is to prevent anyone being exposed to unnecessary risk, some conditions are simply incompatible with breathing compressed gas underwater. Please be advised withholding any information may place you, and your instructor, in a dangerous situation. You can download your form here, if you need it in another language please let us know.

Course Materials

You have several digital and non digital choices for your course materials, your choice will have an impact on your experience and knowledge development. Our courses come with course manuals already included in the cost. We use eLearning when the material is available in the course that you are taking. You can buy your eLearning independent of the course from either us or directly with PADI.

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