Mactan Cebu Dive Site Location Map

Mactan Cebu Dive Site Location Map

Dive Sites Around Mactan Cebu and Olanggo

These are dive site locations frequented by Dive Funatics only and not representative of the complete list of dive sites around Mactan and Olanggo.

Generally, the area around Punta Engano is host to a variety of macro subjects, including but not limited to nudibraches, slugs, porcelain shirmps, ghost pipefishes and even frog fishes. This area is generally considered as muck diving.

The area in Cordova is shallow, with sea grasses, muddy, sandy bottom and host to a few species of seashorses.

The dive sites along the Olanggo Island are generally marine protected areas, where huge groupers, giant trevalies, sweetlips, batfishes, and the vicious, overgrown titan trigger fishes are notoriously aggressive during the months of May until July. The current in these areas are generally strong compared to the dive sites along Mactan Island.

The dive sites along the eastern side of Mactan offers easy diving, good coral formation, and very rare encounters with the trigger fishes have been reported. This side is generally where scuba diving training are conducted as most of these sites are currently part of the Marine Protected Areas at the moment.

Dives around may be booked online under the Day Trip package called “Boat Dive Around Mactan“.

Kontiki House Reef is where Dive Funatics conducts all its courses and house reef dives. Doing 2 dives in the morning is quick and easy, you can be in the mall, or back to your office by lunch time. Check Kontiki All Day Package for more details.

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