Kontiki Reef Mactan Cebu

The Kontiki Reef is our Adopted Dive Against Debris site. The dive site where we exclusively conduct our training and try scuba experience.

Best for training of all levels, scuba refresher or reviews, and the night dive here is awesome. Most of our AOW would consider the night dive in this area as the highlight of their training with us.

A great sandy area suited for training and with gentle slopes to about 12 meters, and the wall starts to drop to about 50 meters and it can go up to the depth of 100 meters.

The most notable attraction in this area is the wreck of an an iron digger/clam attachment of a crane. Tons of amazing subjects for macro photography in the area.

This place offers the convenience of a good dive, without the cost of renting a boat, with a good restaurant situated right at the site.

Dive Funatics

Kontiki Mactan Cebu

Fun dives here may be booked by clicking here.