Hi, Guys!

So the date for the dive Christmas party has been settled. It’s gonna be on the 10th of December. Assembly time is 1:30PM at Kontiki Marina. First dive (against debris) is at 2:00PM and then during surface interval we will all sort out the debris we have collected. After which, we will be having table games and raffling off some prizes. Second dive is at 6:00PM.

For our food, we will be providing a very festive bam-i, bread, drinks and simple dessert for everyone. This being the season of sharing, we strongly encourage you to bring a little potluck just to make it extra festive. You may also bring your own booze.

There will also be a Manito/Manita thing which you may opt in or out of. The gift value is set at a minimum of Php 200. We will be doing an online drawing of your secret manito/manita and everyone is encouraged to populate their online wishlist to make things easy for the Secret Santa. Online drawing is set at December 2 to give your Secret Santa enough time to shop. So please let us know soonest if you’re in!

Lastly, fee is Php 2,000 per usual to cover for both dives, marine fees, and equipment which you may possibly use.

Happy holidays and glad tide-ings!

from all of us at Dive Funatics