We found a more meaningful way to celebrate Father’s Day this year and decided to incorporate diving against debris. While the dads were busy gathering underwater debris, the kids were also doing a surface cleanup of their own. Although the team was only comprised of 9 divers, we’re very happy to report that these people managed to collect a total of 38 lbs of debris – comprised mostly of plastic and glass. We are happy we managed to collect as much although we all look forward to the day when we schedule a Dive Against Debris and end up with no debris to report.

The most unusual spoils of the sea collected include a ladies bag and a brassiere. The team is only left wondering how they got to the sea. The highlight though was this one big fat nudibranch who’s midsection was squeezed by a thin fishing line. For some reason, she got herself entangled. The line was cut and removed and the nudibranch was released unharmed.

The full profile of the debris we have collected has been reported to Project Aware. You may see the results of our efforts here. We can’t thank this team enough for supporting us in this Adopt a Site initiative and give back a little to the community by taking so much waste off our seas.

You too can become a foster parent of Kontiki Marina by joining us in next month’s activity. You can choose to get the Dive Against Debris Specialty or just join us in the activity. Next month, we will be incorporating the activity with the celebration of Women’s Dive Day. This is a world event celebrated exclusively for women who are avid fans of the ocean. This will happen on the 16th of July – save the date! Last year, women from Anilao, Batangas had the most participants world wide. Hopefully this year, we will put Cebu on the international diving community map by gathering as many women divers as possible.