Why Cebu is the best place to learn scuba diving?

Cebu is blessed with fully developed and emerging dive sites, some of them are internationally recognized and admired for its overall beauty, coral walls, visibility,  water temperature, and diversity of marine life. Malapascua, Moalboal, and Mactan have always been the most popular destinations for divers and those who are seeking to learn the sport. This is evident by the number of dive shops around these areas, a clear indication of this thriving industry.

Scuba diving is not for everyone. But if you are at least 10 years old, comfortable in the water, in good physical and mental health, and open to learning new skills, then you are most certainly welcome to try it. All it takes is to spend time reading the learning materials, spend 2 days of in-water training, and perform all the skills required to complete the course. In fact, the training doesn’t even have to be in 2 consecutive days.

Scuba diving, almost similar to driving, requires a diver certification from a recognized training agency like PADI, to participate in diving tours and dive activities. Think of it as a license to dive, license to purchase equipment, get air fills, etc.

While scuba diving seems easy enough it can be dangerous, even life threatening if not done properly. Training teaches you the skills necessary to manage problems and difficulties you might encounter underwater. Knowledge about the dive theories, its rules, the effects of depth and pressure on your body, and the methods and safe practices transforms you into a more responsible and well-informed individual.

Getting trained and certified in Mactan is the most practical place to do it. The going rate for the PADI Open Water Diver Course ranges from P 15,000 to P18,000, depending on what is included and what is not. Make sure to ask details about the course when shopping and comparing prices. Then again, cost is not the only consideration, and should be the least of your consideration even. Your safety and quality of instruction should be your foremost consideration. Make sure that you will be trained by active, qualified and authorized instructors or PADI authorized center or resort. It pays to see the offers beyond the price tag!

Mactan, compared to Moalboal or Malapascua, offers the most convenient place to do your dive training. No long land trips necessary or no jumping on boats to cross islands. On top of this, you are not limited to a narrow range of activities a remote area or an island has to offer after a day of training.  Mactan and Cebu City host tons of good places to book your accommodations with, a wide variety of food choices, and places and evening activities to enjoy, or pamper yourself to a relaxing massage or spa.

When looking for a dive center in Mactan, there are several centers and independent instructors available and ready to jump in the water with you. One of the most professionally run PADI Resort operating in the area is Dive Funatics. Dive Funatics advocates dive safety, delivers quality service, and is actively leading the fight against debris in our ocean. They even offer different entry level packages that caters to all budget and preference. Check out their PADI courses offerings at https://divefunatics.com/padi-courses/, they have the most reasonably priced deals.

They are backed with excellent reviews and recommendations from various travel and scuba specific review sites like TripAdvisor and ScubaTribe.