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Kontiki Reef – Dive Funatics Training Site in Cebu

A training site like no other

The Kontiki House Reef in Mactan is the best training site for scuba diving and freediving because of its unique characteristics. The underwater topology, the landscape, the substrate offers an ideal advantage for all levels of scuba diving training.


Beginner friendly topology

Gentle slopes allow for easy equalization, sandy patches ideal for skills development without disturbing marine life, cordoned environment to prevent boats from endangering divers underneath.

No long shore walks, no boats required, no long swims

We enter from a concrete steps and hit the water generally between hip and chest deep of seawater. A few meters away (40m) is already the edge of the wall.

Great visibility

Water is generally clear and bright. Even ideal for night dives.

Teeming with marine life

Sardines are generally everwhere in the divesite. Turtles are encountered, sometimes even visited by whalesharks. A truly natural encounter.

All year round diving

The area is shielded by other islands, water conditions generally undistrubted even when raining.

Warm water temperature

Generally at 28°c, can go down at low as 27°c in the colder months and as high as 29° in the summer months.

Confined Open Water

Allows quick and easy transition from Confined Water to Open Water.

Time Saver

The overall characteristics of the training site eliminates time wasted on equipment logistics, transfers, boat travel time, etc. More time to focus on skills development and no time wasted on dive site transfers, pool to open water transitions, etc.


Easy access to dive center facilities, emergency equipment, food, beverages, etc. Just a few meters away from our dive center.

Kontiki House Reef

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