Open Water packages includes eLearning, hotel pick-up/drop-off, lite lunch, small class, training and PADI certification. All that starting at P19,500 only!

What some of our students shared about their time with us.

Excellent4.9 Based on 64 reviews from review us onJames W.James W. ★★★★★ The staff deserve 5 stars but the owner messed things up at the end. So sad. A simple phone call could have saved the situation.Krish M.Krish M. ★★★★★ My dive instructor, Ricky, was very kind and supportive throughout the course. He was patient with me underwater as he helped me gain my confidence to go deeper but within the allowable depth of my course. Overall, I had a great and wonderful experience with Dive Funatics!Kat LKat L ★★★★★ We did Advanced Open Water with Zeig. The gears are well-maintained and the trainer paid great attention to us to make sure we are doing the drills correctly and safely. Kontiki reef is convenient with lots of sea creature.Tomáš K.Tomáš K. ★★★★★ Po úspěšném absolvování třech zásadních a třech doplňkových kurzů nelze Dive Funatics nic vytknout. Tři hlavní důvody proč je vybrat:1) Nešidí výcvik a poskytnou vám eLearning okamžitě, t.j. na kurz můžete přijít nastudováni a neztrácet tak čas. Myslel jsem si, že je to samozřejmost, ale i ve vyhlášených výcvikových destinacích (např. Ko[h] Tao) toto bohužel zdaleka není pravidlem.2) Třicet metrů chůze mají pobřeží s korálovým útesem. Není tedy třeba se nikam daleko plavit, což šetří čas a vaši peněženku. Nikdo vám samozřejme nebrání vyhodit si z kopýtka a dohodnout se na pronájmu lodě.3) Neškudlí na vybavení- mají všecny výukové materiály pod vodu (vodotěsné pracovní listy, atp.) a dají vám k dispozici všechno vybavení (třeba potápěčský počítač) a nedělají kvůli tomu drahoty, nevynucují dodatečné platby.Gary F.Gary F. ★★★★★ Diving with Brian at Dive Funatics was a highlight of our Cebu vacation - stress free and super relaxing. Both he and Darwin took such amazing care of me. I highly recommend diving with them when your travels take you to Cebu!Jacobus M.Jacobus M. ★★★★★ You end up with your PEDI certificate, but you do your personal training in a Reef between Fish and seaturtles, diving through the reef between lessons.Great experience. Don’t think twice. Do itJaide H.Jaide H. ★★★★★ we had a fantastic time with dive funatics, Arthur was a great instructor. I would also recommend bread funatics for lunch and/or post diving snack! We ordered pizza from them one evening too and it was deliciousAdah Ingrid M V.Adah Ingrid M V. ★★★★★ DiveFunatics customized our dive based on type of dive we wanted. They have very professional staff who knows the area very well.We most specially loved the all-inclusive package (lunch, guide, gears, boat). The dive sites in Cebu is super clear, filled with interesting creatures including sardine run and we were lucky we have calm seas. All in all, we had a great time!Ric P.Ric P. ★★★★★ I was happy to get certified here and would recommend this place for others. My dive instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. The entire staff was friendly as well.Vince T.Vince T. ★★★★★ Would highly recommend if you are getting certified in Lapu Lapu/Cebu. Made everything very clear and straightforward and were supportive and caring. The dive spot is also a really cool spot to dive.js_loader

We are a PADI Courses specialist in Mactan, Cebu

Get your PADI here!

Learn to dive in Cebu

Start your scuba diving certification

Discover Scuba Diving: If you want to try scuba diving, but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into a scuba certification course, most PADI® Dive Shops offer a half-day experience called Discover Scuba Diving in a pool or pool-like environment, with an optional open water dive. It’s a quick and easy way to find out if you like scuba diving.

PADI Open Water Diver: A scuba diving certification or Open Water Diver Certification allows you to dive anywhere in the world. Similar to driving a car, scuba diving requires specific knowledge, skills and training. A PADI Open Water Diver certification is your passport to underwater adventure.

This is the entry level certification that you can earn after taking the course with us. This certification qualifies you to dive independently up to the maximum depth of 18 meters. The course teaches you skills and basic understanding of the science of diving, how pressure underwater affects your body, how to properly dive using the equipment, prepares you for contigencies, solve issues and problems underwater,  and more emphasis on safe diving practices.

This invaluable foundational skills will determine the kind of diver that you will become, it shapes your safety habits and practices, makes you a reliable dive buddy to others. 

Get the best training available. Get someone who understands your training needs, learn from the best team that you can find. If you are coming to Cebu or already in Cebu, learn from Dive Funatics.

entry level diving

Expand your horizon

Discover more of the underwater world

Your Open Water Diver certification introduced you to a new realm of exploration and made you keenly aware that you’ve only just scratched the surface of the underwater world. Continue your scuba journey with The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

Experience new adventures with a PADI Instructor by your side. Fine-tune your buoyancy skills, build confidence in your navigation abilities, and try new activities like nitrox diving, night diving or master your buoyancy and propulsion techniques. An Advanced Open Water Diver certification also opens the door to dive sites deeper than 18m/60ft up to a maximum of 30m/98ft.

At Dive Funatics, we designed our Advanced Open Water course to be a well-rounded experience. We focus on your hovering skills, by streamlining, properly, effortlessly, and graciously gliding in the water. We teach you navigate underwater using your compass, by undestanding the bottom topology, the marine life, how shadows aid in natural navigation.

Ever assumed that a divesite would look exactly the same undewater during the day and during the night? Be prepared to be surprised how different the site becomes during the night! Experience the undwater world in the dark during our night adventure dive which is part of our Advanced Open Water Diver course.

Prepare to dive all the way to 30m and be amazed how the depth affects light and colors, how things appear larger and closer, how it feels like to breathe around higher ambient pressure, how careful planning and contigency is vital. Lastly, experience how it feels to be diving in a relaxed way using an enriched air breathing gas underwater.

You get all the above adventures in just 2 days, starting at 16,000 PHP!

Achieve your goals

Become a PADI Professional

There are many reasons to become a PADI Divemaster or PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor: to work and travel, to share your love of the underwater world with others, or simply for the personal challenge. Along the way, you’ll hone your scuba diving skills and emerge as a leader in the world’s largest community of divers bound together by a shared passion for adventure and ocean conservation.

Come and take the Go Pro challenge. Join the ranks of the largest Scuba training organization in the world today. Contact us, we have our course director available for consultation for free, without any commitment.

Dive Funatics Divemaster Course

Already Certified?

Explore the divesites around Mactan, Cebu and other nearby dive desetinations in Cebu.

Now that you are already certified and just looking to dive in new places, we have reasonable dive packages to offer.

Dives at our house reef, famously known as the Kontiki Reef is a daily thing for us. Hailed as the most convenient divesite in Mactan because you do not need to be on a boat, no time to beat, and the diving. is practically an all day and night attraction. This divesite offers a wall dive, school of sardines, and awesome macro subjects, but most of all, it doesn’t require long swims as what may be a turn-off for most divers when they hear of a “shore dive” kind of a diving. Pricing starts at 1,600/dive including the use of gear, a guide and facilities fee.

Looking to explore further? We have great sites, marine protected areas like Talima Marine Sanctuary, San Vicente, Hilutungan and Nalusuan. Boat may be privately chartered for a day to provide you and your buddies the exclusive trip that you prefer. We can organize a boat dive for you and your group.

If you are just looking to join trips, drop us a note. We do not organize trips often as we are focusing more on running courses but reach out to us so we can organize one and hopefully, we get others to join your dives.

If you are qualified to dive during the night, Kontiki is an awesome site for night dives. It offers varying shapes and sizes of decorator crabs, squids, cuttlefish, and the occassional sightings of blue ringed octopus!

Regardless of which package you choose, you will be guaranteed of the same level of service that our divemasters will provide and as expected.

Organized Dive Tours

Deal with one operator while going to other places and doing other activities in Cebu.

If you find road travel and hopping from one location to another to dive, then let us create your itinerary for you, and arrange everything for you.

Just let us know what you want to see, what kind of diving you wish to do, and maybe even squeeze in other activities or courses in these other places. We will make this happen.

Send us a message and let’s start planning for your next fabulous trip down in Cebu, Philippines.

Dive Funatics Divemaster Course