Scubapro Equalizer BCD


Scubapro Equalizer BCD

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  • 420 denier PU-coated nylon construction is lightweight, durable, plus it dries quickly for a long and active dive life.
  • Wraparound air bladder provides a secure, comfortable ride at depth and on the surface.
  • Full size backpack with single tank strap and nylon buckle deliver maximum stability.
  • Octopus pockets on each side offer options for carrying a backup second stage.
  • Quick-release integrated weight pouches ditch easily and secure with low-profile buckles.
  • Two large Velcro pockets fitted with knife attachment grommets offer lots of cargo-carrying capability.
  • Four stainless steel D-rings provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear.
  • Stylish black/silver pattern and premium manufacturing and finishing result in an attractive, high-end look.
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Scubapro Equalizer

The Equalizer is an all-purpose front-adjustable BCD that delivers lots features and performance for not a lot of money. It is made of 420 denier PU-coated nylon so it’s lightweight, durable, plus it dries quickly.

With the Equalizer you get a comfortable, stable, well-performing BCD. Compact and lightweight yet durable, it’s an excellent choice for recreational divers everywhere.

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