May 29, 2017

May 2017 Dive Against Debris


This month marks the 13th Dive Against Debris we have made in our beloved adopted dive site, Kontiki Marina. We started the day with the clean up dive at 10AM. The water was a good 28.3 degrees and we went down to a maximum of 13.7m. We surfaced 47 minutes later and 15 lb heavier. Crazy talk during what feels like a very short surface interval and then we made just a chill dive at around 12:15PM.

Yesterday was a fun day for us as we made new friends, Michelle and Mike. We were also joined by fresh-from-open-water-certification Abi and fresh-from-advance-open-water-certification Andrew. And as usual, we were joined by our ever supportive patrons, Tanya, Karl and Paula. This month’s program was backed by the support team made up of James, Hilbert, Darwin and yours truly, Kae.

For more details about the profile of the debris collected this month, you may access the report at Project Aware here.

Next month, our event will be on June 11, 2017, Sunday. We would like to remind you that each participation to our monthly dive against debris from June 2017 onward contributes to two chances of getting a free specialty or a subsidized cost of your next core certification. Please be guided accordingly by the promo duration below:

  • May 2017 to April 2018 – at the mark of our second year of the activity, the patron with the most dedication to the Dive Against Debris program will be  honored with a FREE Specialty Certification as an official Project Aware Dive Against Debris Specialty Diver.
  • June 2017 to December 2017 – the patron with the most dedication to the program from the period will get one (1) FREE Specialty Certification. He/she may choose among the following certifications:
    • Enriched Air
    • Underwater Photography
    • Peak Performance
    • Emergency First Response
  • January 2018 to December 2018 – the patron with the most dedication to the program from the period will get 50% off his/her next core certification. This applies to the following courses only:
    • Advance Open Water
    • Rescue
    • Master Scuba Diver

Until then, keep diving, don’t let your dives go to waste, don’t litter and keep bubbling and creating ripples of change!



Dive Funatics

Summer with Dive Funatics


Summer of 2017 is about to reach its end, but for Dive Funatics, what better way to end the summer than with a Dive Against Debris, Green Star Award, becoming a 100% AWARE partner and with 54 certifications issued.

We are never been more grateful for having been given the opportunity to train so many fine divers in a relatively short window. To be part of a diver’s journey, experience and learning is a privilege worthy of an article to pay tribute to the trust, the confidence and the kind words our alumni has uttered in our favor. These people have trusted us, used our online booking system, accepted how our courses are structured, and gave our choice of learning materials a chance to prove their suitability. They simply are the right people that we hope to reach.

Summer is not just training and certifications for us. Summer is also the time where we see familiar faces, the ones whom we consider friends and even family coming over to dive with us for the Nth time. Summer is also a time when we celebrate our PADI Membership anniversary, our birthdays, a time when we get attacked by angry and protective huge titan trigger fishes despite our heightened situational awareness. We even had the very rare opportunity to dive with the PADI Regional Manager for Philippines in one of our fun dives!

Scuba diving in Cebu is convenient, practical and course-centric. It is a place where one can get the most value for money in terms of PADI scuba diving courses and dive adventures. This is the area where Dive Funatics excel at, are known for, and the place where your safety and service quality are highly regarded.

Ultimately, we want to end our summer with a sincere appreciation to the people behind our operations, to those who have helped us become what we are today, and to those who trusted us with their courses. Congratulations for a summer well spent!